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to consume is to curate is to create.
people are tastemakers.

the internet has become
a firehose of content
that doesn’t put out fires
but fuels them.

and the friction that made it all mean something,
the friction that forced us
out of mindlessness
and into awareness,

has been replaced by algorithms
that can analyze current trends
not emerging ones.
today’s efforts are working towards a future where
all of the internet is
an image of previous versions of itself.

we need machine and programmatic algorithms to scale
but we need humans
to make it real

and no medium has its meaning or existence alone,
but only in constant interplay with other media.

we already experience the internet multiplanarily
in our comments, reactions, retweets, memes, playlists, TikToks,
but we continue to think fragmentarily and on a single plane.

our media
are extensions of ourselves.
so we’re extending it
with an expressive annotation layer,
a creative plane
to provide new

where invisible creative labor
rise as curators and
are seen and celebrated.

but to elevate internet culture
we must come to terms with its unpredictability.

youth are the purveyors of internet culture.
so we ascribe a more intuitive valence to their judgements
over those of technocrats and capitalists.

so we’re following the idea maze with them
seeing where it leads us.

koodos to you.